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Quick update:

Many of you have already picked up your fundraising packages and some have even started getting orders for Purdy’s chocolates and Tiber River Naturals products. We wanted to let you know that Tiber River is launching its holiday line today! Click here to see the catalogue online. Lots of great stocking stuffers and gift ideas in fabulous holiday scents!

We have received a few questions already and want to share the answers with everyone:

1. The fundraising goal is $100 (Canadian) or more per athlete.
Everyone who reaches this goal will receive their post-dated cheque back, uncashed. If you are able to do more, please do! We have several pieces of equipment still to purchase, and eventually we would like to be in our own building, and all your support can help make that happen sooner.

2. Paper catalogues are available but online ordering is preferred. We ordered enough Purdy’s catalogues for everyone but only received half of our order. The rest are on their way this week and will be available to pick up at the arena as soon as we receive them. If you have people who prefer to order on paper instead of online, there is a form in the centre of the Purdy’s catalogue that can be copied, but all orders must be entered online using the athlete’s unique ordering link to ensure that their fundraising totals are tracked. The Tiber River catalogues are much bigger so we didn’t order enough for everyone, but if you need one, please let Megan know or send us an email.

3. Shipping:
Tiber River products will be mailed directly to customers, but the company only ships to Canadian addresses. If you have American family or friends ordering, they may use 279 Biddeson Ave, Fort Frances, ON P9A 3L7 asa shipping address and we will arrange for pickup at the arena after the orders are received. All Purdy’s orders will be shipped together and pickup will be the week of December 16th.

4. If you haven’t yet picked up your fundraising package, they will be available before classes this week. If you aren’t able to pick up this week, please email us and we can make alternate arrangements.

Any other questions? Please feel free to reach out to Lisa or Megan